Euphoric star palette | Face & Eye palette


Euphoric star palette | Face & Eye palette


You can shade and glow everywhere with 16 blendable shadow colours and 5 universal face powders. The deeply pigmented blush and highlighters create a flawless, lit-from-within complexion, while the buildable and blendable contour hues are ideal for chiseling and defining your natural features. Universally attractive and suitable for both amateurs and professionals.


Here is our brightest colour scheme to date! You have every colour you could need in this palette, whether you’re searching for something natural with a bit of colour or trying to create a dramatic, show-stopping look.


Create a present for your girlfriend or for yourself. The greatest option if you’re looking for a gift for a holiday like Halloween, Christmas, or Thanksgiving is this brilliant colour palette!


The Euphoric Star Palette will make you the center of attraction. This stunning colour scheme is ideal for producing a wide variety of show-stopping ecstatic appearances! Enjoy limitless options with gaudy glitters, deep metallic, and silky hues. 16 blendable shadow colours and 5 universal face powders are included in the palette.


  • Long Lasting
  • Highly Pigmented
  • Good Texture and Super Creamy
  • Easy to Bleeasy to Blended
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free
  • Perfect Colour, Scent, and Stay Power

16 Shades

You can create countless styles with 16 shadow hues in cool, gorgeous, colourful pigments. Perfect for makeup for day and night, festivals, parties, clubs, appointments, weddings, Christmas, and Halloween.

Rich Colour and Blendability

These eye colours, both matte, and shimmer, mix well. You can apply them to the top lip, face, legs, and body as a body or highlighter colour. For a variety of appearances, the shadows can be applied either wet or dry. The eyes appear more bright and brilliant when the colour palette is reasonable and the shadows are strongly pigmented.

Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Wholesome, secure ingredients of excellent grade, Skin-friendly, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic Easy to apply and remove colours. Before using, it is advised to perform a tiny skin patch test, as with other cosmetics.

Long Lasting

Keep going all day. Highly pigmented and durable colours help you maintain your flawless eye and face makeup for a long time.

Why You Need it

Prepare to live “Colours Fusion” with its 16 shades, which range from neutral hues you might use every day to vibrant hues. With this vibrantly varied palette, don’t be afraid to change things and venture outside your comfort zone.

Create Countless Looks With Vibrant, Stunning Pop Colours. Suitable for Various Events, Such As Casual, Salon, Party, and Wedding. Great Quality, Safe, and Healthy Ingredients. The top lip, face, legs, and body can all be painted.

A matte shimmers and glitter one palette with highly pigmented hues may always provide you with a fresh creative appearance for various occasions. You can also buy it to gift your loved one this beautiful face and eye palette.

How to Apply


The entire lid should be covered, from lash line to brow. Use medium-toned colours to add depth. For various makeup results, layer and mix colour into the crease and/or along the lash line.


Using the applicator tip, the deepest shade can be used as a liner along the lash lines. To give your face an extra glow, apply to the high points of your face (top of cheekbones, bridge of nose, cupid’s bow).


Your cheeks’ apples should be coloured, then blended.


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