Chocolates | 21 Shade eyeshadow palette & Brush | Profusion Cosmetics 21 Shade Eyeshadow Palette


Chocolates | 21 Shade eyeshadow palette & Brush | Profusion Cosmetics 21 Shade Eyeshadow Palette


With its 21 tones and wide range of colour palettes, this multi-finish palette enables you to create natural daytime or evening eye looks. Silky smooth, incredibly blendable pigments make it simple to create looks and are amazingly flattering on all skin tones. A Pro Series Brush is included for expert application.

A combination of rich golds, forest greens, and cosy browns. With the PROFUSION Cosmetics Chocolate 21 color eyeshadow palette, you can create professional smokey eyes makeup for weddings, parties, or informal occasions.

With this makeup palette made of chocolates, which combines sensuality and smokey tones, you can satisfy your craving for beauty. Rich brown to noble gold and emerald-green are just a few of the pigment-rich, easily-mixable colours. Ideal for all skin tones and levels of expertise, including beginners and professionals.

  • Safe and Healthy Ingredients
  • Perfect for Gift for Girls, Ladies, Women
  • Professional Makeup User
  • Light on Your Skin
  • 21 Multi-Finish
  • Long-Lasting

Mix of Warm Pigments and Golden Textures

Warm pigments and golden textures are combined, ranging from warm apricots and gentle neutrals to rich burgundies and deep browns, thanks to PROFUSION Cosmetics Chocolate 21 multi-finish pro pigments.

Multiple Colours

These colours, which range from matte to shimmer and everything in between, will encourage limitless creativity. It is made to apply smoothly, making your skin feel delicate and light.

Good for All Skin Tones

With detailed instructions and being appropriate for all skin tones, the long-lasting colour keeps your flawless eye shadow makeup on all day. Package a single eye makeup brush

Good for Everyone

It is perfect for beginners and professional makeup users and is a lovely present for girls, ladies, and women on their birthdays, Christmas days, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. It is cruelty-free and made with safe and healthy materials.

Why You Need it?

21 shades, including matte and pearlized eyeshadow. It is portable and transportable. High-quality ingredients with colours that have a smooth gloss and last all day! Colours that are rich and on-trend. The colours range from bright hues that are good for highlighting to dark shades that are good for smokey eyes.

Eye colours in palettes are both matte and shimmer, making it simple to complement your look. No dye, and it won’t leave a bothersome eyeshadow mark! Components that are nourishing and glossy to care for the skin around the eyes! Perfect for personal or business use in a salon!

Feel soft and light, and simply get a beautiful and clean eye makeup finish.

How to Apply

  1. To create the ideal eyeshadow canvas, dab two concealer dots onto each lid and blend in with a makeup sponge. This enables colour to stand out and endure all day. You want it to have a little trashy vibe!
  2. Apply a warm, neutral-toned makeup hue with a fluffy eyeshadow brush, blending it only into the eye crease.
  3. Now, for a “wrapped” appearance, use a richer shade of eyeshadow only on the eyes’ lower lash line and outer corners. Nicely integrate.
  4. Using a fluffy brush and a bright, glittery makeup hue simply in the centre of the eyelids can add shine and make the eye pop.
  5. Apply 2-3 coats of mascara and tease it at the base for a rich, fluffy appearance. Along the lower lash waterline, use a black gel eyeliner pencil and lightly smudge it. Repeat the process for the upper lash line.
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