Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Price in Bangladesh : A Premium Device

Introduction of Samsung S10 Plus Price in Bangladesh

Are You seeking Samsung S10 Plus Price in Bangladesh? This smartphone has been a flagship contender since its release, presenting a top-class cellphone experience with contemporary technology.

In Bangladesh, this device has garnered large popularity amongst tech enthusiasts and cellphone aficionados. In this article, we will delve into the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus price in Bangladesh and explore its features.

Samsung S10 Plus Price in Bangladesh

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is available in Bangladesh in diverse storage configurations, and its charge varied depending on the specific model and the store. However, to provide you with a standard concept of the price range, the S10 Plus priced as follows:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (128GB) price in Bangladesh BDT 89,990 – BDT 94,990.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (512GB) price in Bangladesh is BDT 114,990 – BDT 119,990.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Overview

  • Colors: Prism Black, Prism Blue, Prism White
  • Network :2G, 3G, 4G
  • RAM: 8/12GB
  • ROM: 128GB/512GB
  • Micro SD slot
  • Sim: Dual Nano Sim

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus was brought in February 2019, making it one of the maximum expected smartphone releases of that year.

It brought a host of innovative features to the desk, setting new requirements for the Android smartphone marketplace.

The S10 Plus features a swish layout, a beautiful AMOLED display, powerful hardware, and a versatile digital camera gadget, making it a properly-rounded flagship tool.


  • Size: 6.4 inches
  • Resolution: Quad HD+ 3040 x 1140 pixels (522 ppi)
  • Technology: Dynamic AMOLED Touchscreen
  • Protection: Corning Gorilla Glass 6
  • Features Multitouch, HDR10+, Always-on display

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus features a 6.4-inch dynamic AMOLED display.

Dynamic AMOLED generation provides colorful colorings, deep blacks, and high contrast ratios, resulting in an outstanding vi.


The display boasts a QHD (Quad High Definition Plus) resolution of 1440 x 3040 pixels.

This high decision ensures sharp and exact visuals, making it ideal for responsibilities such as video streaming, gaming, and viewing high-resolution photos.

HDR10 Support

The S10 Plus display supports HDR10 (High Dynamic Range), enhancing the first-rate of like-minded content.

HDR era provides a much wider variety of colors and greater assessment, resulting in greater real-looking and vibrant photos and movies.

Infinity-O Design

The S10 Plus functions with Samsung’s Infinity-O display layout, which means it has a small, circular cutout at the top-right nook to house the front camera.

This layout minimizes bezels and gives a nearly bezel-less viewing experience.

Edge Display

The show is curved in each aspect, giving it the “Edge” layout.

The curved edges now not only effectively beautify the smartphone’s aesthetics but also offer functionality, such as quick access to apps, notifications, and shortcuts.

Always-On Display

The S10 Plus offers an Always-On Display feature, permitting you to view essential facts (time, date, notifications, and so on.) on the display even when the device is in standby mode.

This characteristic is convenient for checking notifications without unlocking the smartphone.

Blue Light Filter

Samsung includes a blue light filter alternative in the display settings to lessen eye strain throughout night use.

This function adjusts the color temperature of the display to emit much less harmful blue light, selling higher sleep.

Display Settings and Customization

Samsung’s One UI software program lets customers customize the show settings to their options.

Users can modify the display screen color mode, white balance, and display screen resolution in line with their needs and choices.

In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

The S10 Plus features an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor, positioned beneath the show.

This generation offers secure and convenient biometric authentication for unlocking the device and gaining access to secure content.

Corning Gorilla Glass Protection

The show is included via Corning Gorilla Glass, which allows you to face up to scratches and minor impacts.


  • Style Double Punch-hole
  • Material Gorilla Glass 6 front, Gorilla Glass 5 back, aluminum frame
  • Water Resistance: IP68 dust / waterproof (up to 1.5m for 30 mins)
  • Dimensions 157.6 x 74.1 x 7.8 millimeters
  • Weight 175 grams

The design of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is a testament to Samsung’s commitment to aesthetics, craftsmanship, and capability.

Here’s an in-depth evaluation of the layout factors that make the S10 Plus a visually appealing and person-pleasant device:

Premium Materials

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus uses a mixture of premium materials in its creation. The frame is made of aluminum, while the back and front are composed of notable glass.

This combination of glass and steel not only exudes a premium appearance and sense but also lets in for Wi-Fi charging.

Sleek and Slim Profile

The device boasts a graceful and slender profile with gently curved edges.

Its slim layout complements its aesthetic attraction whilst making it snug to preserve and use.

Infinity-O Display

The Infinity-O display design is a defining feature of the S10 Plus. It minimizes bezels and eliminates the need for a massive notch utilizing integrating a small, circular cutout at the upper-right nook for the front cameras.

This layout gives an immersive, nearly bezel-less viewing experience.

Edge Display

The S10 Plus features a curved display on both aspects, often referred to as the “Edge” display.

The curved edges not only add a futuristic and stylish appearance but also offer purposeful benefits together with easy access to apps, shortcuts, and notifications.

Ergonomic Design

Samsung has carefully designed the S10 Plus to be ergonomic, making sure it fits readily within the hand.

The placement of buttons, fingerprint sensors, and other crucial components is designed for easy access.

Rear Triple-Camera Setup

The rear of the S10 Plus houses a triple-digicam setup arranged horizontally.

The cameras are smartly integrated into the layout, and the overall digicam module is flush with the lower back of the tool, contributing to a clean and streamlined appearance.

Prism Colors

Samsung offers the S10 Plus in various appealing colorings, frequently with fascinating names like Prism White, Prism Black, Prism Blue, Prism Green, and Prism Silver.

These colors are visually pleasing and add depth and size to the device’s layout.

Symmetry and Balance

The layout of the S10 Plus places a strong emphasis on symmetry and stability.

The centrally aligned digicam module and the focused USB-C port contributea to a pleasing visual symmetry.

IP68 Water and Dust Resistance

The S10 Plus comes with an IP68 rating, indicating that it’s miles water and dust-resistant. This characteristic provides durability to the tool’s layout, ensuring it can resist regular demanding situations.

Attention to Detail

Samsung pays close attention to the information of the device’s design, from the precision of the buttons to the location of the sensors and ports.

The result is a device that not simplest seems fantastic but also feels thoughtfully engineered.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus’s design is a harmonious mixture of shape and function. It combines top-class substances, cutting-edge technology, and aesthetic appeal.

Hence,  this smartphone not only plays at the highest stage but also seems and feels high-quality in the hand.

Whether you recognize its hanging shades, narrow profile, or progressive show layout, the S10 Plus is a testament to Samsung’s commitment to handing over a top-tier smartphone experience.

Samsung S10 Plus: Memory

The memory of a smartphone, including the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, plays a crucial role in its overall performance, multitasking talents, and ordinary person experience. Let’s delve into the memory elements of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in detail:

RAM (Random Access Memory)

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus comes with multiple RAM configurations, with alternatives along with 8GB and 12GB of RAM.

RAM is vital for multitasking and app performance. A better amount of RAM permits the device to run a couple of apps concurrently without slowing down.

Internal Storage

The S10 Plus gives various internal storage capacities, usually 128GB and 512GB alternatives.

Internal storage is in which the tool shops apps, running machine documents, person records, pictures, motion pictures, and different media.

The availability of more than one storage alternative allows customers to pick out an option that fits their needs, whether they require an adequate area for media files or pick a more finances-pleasant option.

Expandable Storage

In addition to internal storage, the S10 Plus includes a microSD card slot, permitting users to extend their garage capacity further.

This is particularly useful for customers who need to save a huge quantity of facts, which includes snapshots, videos, and tracks, without annoying approximately walking out of an area.

UFS 2.1 Technology

The internal garage of the S10 Plus makes use of UFS (Universal Flash Storage) 2.1 technology, which gives speedy study and write speeds, contributing to quicker app loading instances and smoother overall performance.

App Management and Optimization

Samsung’s One UI software includes intelligent app control and optimization capabilities that help ensure green reminiscence utilization.

The tool can intelligently allocate RAM sources to prioritize energetic apps, making sure that foreground applications run smoothly.

Virtual RAM

The S10 Plus also features a characteristic called “Virtual RAM” which uses a part of the garage as extra RAM to enhance multitasking performance.

While it is no longer a replacement for physical RAM, it may help enhance the tool’s multitasking abilities.

RAM Management

Samsung’s software program is designed to optimize RAM management, ensuring that apps strolling within the background do not consume excessive resources.

It also ensures that often-used apps are stored comfortably in random access memory for short access.

Performance Enhancement

The combination of sufficient RAM and powerful processors (Exynos 9820 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 855) inside the S10 Plus outcomes in exceptional standard performance, whether you are walking annoying apps, gambling video games, or multitasking.

Memory Efficiency

Samsung’s efforts in optimizing reminiscence utilization make contributions to a smoother personal experience, as the device correctly manages memory assets to prevent slowdowns and crashes.

Storage Security

Samsung gives protection functions such as encryption to shield the statistics stored inside the inner storage and microSD card, ensuring the protection of your non-public statistics.


The platform of a phone refers to the combination of hardware and software program that powers the tool.

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, the platform consists of the underlying hardware additives, the working machine, and the personal interface. Let’s delve into the platform info of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus:

Hardware Components

Processor (CPU): The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is prepared with either the Exynos 9820 (in some areas) or the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 (in others) processor, depending on the marketplace.

These processors are effective and capable of managing traumatic tasks, including gaming and multitasking.

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU): The tool functions as a Mali-G76 MP12 GPU (in Exynos variations) or an Adreno 640 GPU (in Snapdragon versions), making sure clean pictures overall performance and enhancing the gaming enjoyment.

RAM (Random Access Memory): The S10 Plus is available in more than one RAM configuration, usually presenting 8GB or 12GB of LPDDR4X RAM.

This enough RAM guarantees that the tool can handle multitasking conveniently and promises an easy consumer experience.

Internal Storage: The smartphone is available in numerous inner storage capacities, with alternatives consisting of 128GB and 512GB. This internal storage is where the operating machine, apps, and user records are saved.

Expandable Storage: The S10 Plus additionally includes a microSD card slot, allowing users to make their storage potential similarly, making it convenient for folks who require extra space for media files.

Battery: The tool is powered by a 4,100mAh non-detachable battery, which provides a significant quantity of electricity to assist a full day of use. It additionally supports rapid charging, wireless charging, and reverse wireless charging.

Biometric Authentication: The S10 Plus features a couple of biometric authentication techniques, including an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor and facial popularity era, improving device safety and comfort.

Operating System

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus runs on an Android working machine, customized with Samsung’s personal interface called One UI.

Furthermore, users can expect to get hold of ordinary software program updates from Samsung, which can also include protection patches, computer virus fixes, and new capabilities.

User Interface (One UI)

Samsung’s One UI is designed to decorate the Android experience on Samsung gadgets. It gives a clean and user-pleasant interface, with features such as customizable domestic monitors, a dark mode, and quite a few gesture controls.

One UI consists of additional Samsung-particular functions, like Samsung DeX (Desktop Experience), which lets users connect their device to a reveal and use it like a PC.

The user interface also has several customization features that let users change the themes, icons, and wallpapers on their devices to create a unique look and feel.

Software Improvements

The platform has software upgrades including intelligent app management, battery-saving capabilities, and device security features like Samsung Knox that enhance the user experience overall.

Additionally, the pre-installed apps and services from Samsung, such as Samsung Health, Samsung Pay, and Samsung Bixby (a virtual assistant), improve the functioning of the smartphone.

Factors Influencing Samsung S10 Plus Price in Bangladesh

Several factors might affect the pricing of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus or any other smartphone. These elements might alter over time and geographically.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus price in Bangladesh may be impacted by the following major variables:

To begin with, the price of producing hardware elements like the processor, display, camera modules, and other parts has a big impact on the device’s overall price. A greater manufacturing cost is frequently a result of using premium components.

Moreover, investing in R&D can increase the price of producing a high-end smartphone like the S10 Plus by developing new features, technologies, and design components.

Besides, pricing may be influenced by Samsung’s reputation and brand value as a producer of smartphones. Strong track records and well-known brands frequently attract higher pricing.

However, the fierce opposition inside the smartphone marketplace may also pressure fee adjustments. To increase or maintain the marketplace percentage, producers may change their charges in reaction to the pricing methods used by their competitors.

Furthermore, the price of importing and promoting smartphones can be impacted by forex charges. Price discrepancies between areas would possibly result from fluctuations in alternate prices.

Prices are regularly changed by manufacturers in response to purchaser options and marketplace changes.

When smartphones become old and more recent models are released, the costs of older fashions may additionally lower as they lose marketplace share.

Due to their exclusivity and restricted availability, special-version fashions and versions with exceptional capabilities or designs can be more expensive than ordinary fashions.

Trade-in applications, discounts, and promotional offers may additionally have an impact on the final charge that clients pay for a smartphone.

Is The Samsung S10 Plus Worth the Price in Bangladesh?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus turned into considered a premium cellphone with a variety of functions that appealed to many customers.

However, whether Samsung S10 plus is worth the price in Bangladesh or any other area relies upon various factors, including your specific desires, preferences, and price range.

Here are some considerations that will help you decide if the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is worth the price in Bangladesh:


Firstly, your budget plays a considerable role in comparing whether the S10 Plus is really worth it.

Premium smartphones like the S10 Plus have a tendency to be surprisingly high priced as compared to mid-range or budget options. Consider whether or not the capabilities and abilities justify the better value inside your budget.


The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, with its effective processor and ample RAM, gives exceptional overall performance for multitasking, gaming, and demanding packages.

If you want a high-overall performance tool for paintings or amusement, it can be worthy of funding.


The S10 Plus functions as a stunning AMOLED show with excessive resolution and HDR aid, presenting a high-quality viewing enjoyment for the multimedia content material.

If you price a first-rate display for looking at video or playing games, it adds price to the device.

The phone’s versatile camera set, which includes the triple-lens rear camera and twin front-facing cameras, is capable of taking pictures fantastic images, and movies.

If images are important to you, the digital camera talents can be worth the price.

Design and Build

The top-rate design, use of remarkable materials, and attention to elements make contributions to the tool’s aesthetics and construct exceptional. If you respect a well-crafted and stylish telephone, it provides value.

Samsung’s One UI software program provides a consumer-friendly interface and features ordinary software program updates.

Brand Reputation

Samsung is a nicely established and reputable cellphone manufacturer recognized for exceptional innovation. The brand’s reputation can be a factor in justifying the charge.


Consider whether the tool’s specifications and talents align together with your long-term needs. If you propose to apply the phone for numerous years, investing in a premium device with excessive-end features can offer a lengthy-term price.


Compare the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with other smartphones available within the marketplace. Look at their functions, performance, and pricing to determine if the S10 Plus gives an aggressive bundle.

Keep an eye fixed out for reductions, change-in programs, or unique gives that may make the S10 Plus extra low-priced.

Moreover, to make an informed selection, study the ultra-modern pricing, study consumer reviews, and do not forget your precise needs and options when comparing whether or not the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is really worth the charge in Bangladesh in 2023.

Conclusion of Samsung S10 Plus Price in Bangladesh

Customers in Bangladesh who want a high-end smartphone experience will still find the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus to be an attractive option.

It is a serious competitor in the market for premium smartphones thanks to its combination of cutting-edge technology, gorgeous design, and potent performance.

The S10 Plus offers a variety of storage options to meet various needs and pricing points, though costs may vary. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is unquestionably an option to think about.



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